Richard Keeble – Alternative Sources In War Journalism

Richard Keeble - Acting Head of Lincoln University School of Journalism

Professor Richard Keeble is the acting head of department at the Lincoln University School of Journalism. Richard is the doyen of the ‘hackademics’ writing many of the standard texts in use in Higher education. He has Co-edited five books  to date with John Mair, the latest ‘FACE THE FUTURE’ was published in April 2011. The next ‘INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM; DEAD OR ALIVE’ will be published on September 1st.

“Whilst the elite denied any attempt on assassinating Khadafi – by going to the sources I can create an alternative history. Khadafi studied in the UK, and there is strong evidence that the CIA was involved. There was an attempt in 1971 to assassinate him, but it ended up in a flop. It was one of their last attempts for regime change from MI6, but due to problems with the CIA they withdrew.”

Richard is discussing his alternative view on Khadafi’s life, history, and suicide attempts.

Writes Jon Dudley…

“I’ve entered a very murky area, but I rely on my sources. Reagan dubbed Khadafi as ‘Mad Dog’ and was demonised. In 1981 the CIA plan was leaked to the press. We have evidence of Saudi’s donating seven million dollars to an opposition group, and there was another attempt on Khadafi’s life which was confirmed by CIA leaks once again. In 1986 the USA attacked his compound in Tripoli, killing his adopted daughter and hospitalising his wife. He escaped through Malta giving details on the attack via telephone. The tabloids loved it, they really went for it.”

He continues, giving details on coups in 1990 and how the CIA launched further extensive efforts to start anti-Khadafi groups. In 1996, he states, MI6 were behind another plot to remove him from power, and this continued into the next decade. Khadafi was then welcomed into the international community when he claimed he would not be involved in weapons of mass destruction however. Richard is showing a collection of photos of famous politicians sharing handshakes and hugs with the previous Mad Dog.

“There are sources, I’ve clearly managed to extract them. Go to alternative essential sources, you’ll find amazing attempts to assassinate what was the president of a country.”


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