Coventry Degree Show – Automotive Edition

The past couple of weeks in the Coventry School of Art and Design have revolved around the Coventry Degree Show, a huge exhibition that displays third year students work to other students and the public. The Automotive Design department have an impressive display featuring over fifty vehicles, interiors and vehicle parts, from life sized, real racing cars to Mars landing vehicles, trains and hovercrafts. Using materials ranging from modelling clay and foam to recycled plastic bottles, each vehicle took at least an academic year of planning, with many being students lifelong dreams bought to life through university facilities.

Upon visiting the exhibition with CU Today photographer Jake Lamont, the student designers had large television screens showcasing their designs through top-spec CGI modelling, plus business cards and large posters explaining their vehicles. In addition, many designers were around their cars and were willing to discuss the finer details of their designs, giving an overall professional feel. Overall, the display is well worth a visit, along with all other CSAD Coventry Degree Show exhibitions. High quality pictures are displayed below.

Writes Jon Dudley…


Photography by Jake Lamont.


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