– The New Face Of CU Today!

CU today has upgraded its website once more by dropping the freely given domain name and becoming a paid and more independent web address –

What this means for the site is a more professional and recognisable website, by dropping the WordPress name that any blog of any standard can use and becoming a .net which is the fourth most used address in the world. Ease of access through Google now enables a search of CU Today to become far higher in the listings, and of course a simpler address to both type and say. This enables your Coventry University news and even your articles to gain more recognition and more views than ever before. All old links that you may have used on blogs, social networking sites and elsewhere will automatically redirect and nothing previous has been altered or removed.

Writes Jon Dudley…

This is just one of the many new implementations that have happened over recent weeks in order to keep CU Today as one of Coventry’s most read and recognisable online news outlets – having previously given the site an official Twitter and used new banners and photography from other student volunteers.

We aim to keep bringing new articles, new features and new ways to view the news on your university and your city over the summer and into the next academic year, so check back often for updates!


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