‘Clean’ Street Art Media Advertising In Coventry

Cov Degree Show adverts outside Coventry City Council Offices

Coventry City centre has gained extra attention from the public in recent weeks due to clean graffiti advertising displayed across the streets. The adverts, added to the city by a media group named Streetvertise, contain randomly distributed icons which represent all forms of courses displayed at Coventry University’s Degree Show.

Using clean graffiti methods, which include temporary chalk or jet washing pavements to create lighter stencils, areas around Coventry University’s Ellen Terry and Graham Sutherland buildings and city centre locations such as the council builings and outside West Orchards all contain icons such as music, planes and cameras.

Writes Jon Dudley…

The advertising method is largely unique, especially in Coventry where it has never been implemented before. By giving no information or name to the design, the public are left to question for themselves what they mean and investigate the adverts personally, whilst giving the Degree Show recognition through word of mouth due to people asking what they mean. Similarly, when somebody locates the meaning of the adverts, either through linking the Cov Degree Show iconography or discovering the Streetvertise Facebook or Twitter page, they too will pass on the information to their friends when they ask.

Founded in 2010 and hailing from Manchester, Streetvertise has revolutionised the way adverts are displayed throughout cities, and has given a high level of publicity to the Cov Degree Show, which is running between May 5th and June 8th.

Stencil art representing Cov Degree Show arts department

Photography by Jake Lamont.


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