Mirage In The Desert – A Huge Coventry Conversations Event

Coventry Conversations, the well known and well respected talk session with some of the greatest minds of the Journalism and media world, is set to host one of its largest events to date.

On June 15th, the Ellen Terry building will play host to the following speakers;

Kevin Marsh, the former editor of ‘Today’ and ‘The World At One’ who has won several Sony Awards and is now the Editor  of the BBC College of Journalism since 2006.

Jon Snow, the familiar household name and face for Channel 4 news, who has won many awards and produced special programmes and is currently a Professor for Coventry University.

Writes Jon Dudley…

Stephen Cole, the presenter for Al Jazeera English with more than thirty years experience in the field of Journalism.

Oliver Poole, a war reporter for the BBC Arabic service.

Plus further guest speakers from BBC academics in Coventry, the Reuters Institute and elsewhere.

Entry is free and open to anyone to attend whether Coventry University based or not, and is available on a first come, first served basis. For further details Contact John Mair at johnmair100@hotmail.com or 07785378156.


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