The great escape

It all began with a crowded bus and seven students who decided to go downtown. The hot weather and travelling one hour by bus was more than enough to make the four Chinese students and the three Romanian girls feel tired, but this brave group wanted to experience as much as possible in Hangzhou. Writes Marcela Pascu…

They started by visiting the History Museum of Hangzhou and discovered a part of China from the ancient times with potteries, crystals and stamps from all over the world.

The second chapter started in a haunted house where the boys only wanted to get the girls scared, they ate strawberries on a stick and afterwards the group went to the night market. The place was very crowded and you could find anything you wanted, from clothing items to food. Everything there didn’t have an exact price and the solution was negotiating with the seller. The funniest part of this night market was when one of the girls wanted to buy some accessories and the Chinese girl who was negotiating the price told the seller that all of her friends will come the following night to buy from he so she accepted to lower the price.

After about one hour spent in the night market, my story ends as the seven students decided it’s time to go back to the hotel because everyone was tired and had to wake up early the following day but this ‘escape’ proved to be a great opportunity for the group especially because they had more time to know each other and to experience a part of the Chinese nightlife. And they lived happily ever after!


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