The difference a week makes…

Coventry University students arrived in China on the 14th April 2011 where our exchange experience began. The visit started with a tour of the campus markets and other amazing places including a visit to the West Lake which was beautiful. For the past week, we have been assigned to work with the ZUMC students to produce an article for The Buzz newsletter, an internet blog and a video that relates to China. Write Danielle Cook and Fatima Ahmed…

Our first assignment was to produce a newsletter. The newsletter had to consist of news articles about anything happening at ZUMC University. This gave us our first opportunity to work as a group. We began by looking at the different possible topics with the students in order to produce a newsletter with good stories.

After we all had an idea of what we wanted to write about, we started to edit the newsletter. We had a few problems with translating some of the articles as we couldn’t understand mandarin and so we had to wait for the translator to do it for us. Our next assignment was to produce individual blog entries to add to the CUtoday website. This was the easiest task as it didn’t include producing and editing – it was only blogging. We decided as a group to write about things that interest us in China.

Lastly we had to produce a video. This was the hardest of the three as we were lacking a camera and had to use a digital camera to shoot. We also didn’t have a tripod so the video was quite shaky which resulted in us using more pictures and a few clips that weren’t shaky, turning it into a sort of montage about Hangzhou.

We decided to put it into four categories of all the things we had seen in Hangzhou and all the things that had interested us whilst staying. We did have a few problems with editing too as we were lacking the software so had to use a very basic package to edit our work.

Some of the challenges we had to face during the tasks had been that the Chinese people could not really understand us at the beginning. Apart from that they were really friendly and lovely people to work with. The people in my group are really funny, willing to learn and great people to be around with. What a successful week creating work towards our portfolios as well as learning some Chinese.


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