Lost in translation? Not so for Cov-China exchange students

Two weeks in China. What can anyone learn in two weeks’ time? I think our group is the living proof that even though we live miles apart, our cultures are not so different.

During our time spent together, we learnt how to communicate effectively and produce good media artefacts like articles, blog posts, newspapers and so on. Even though we needed the help of the translator on a few occasions, we managed to establish a connection and overcome any language barriers that we came across.

As Chinese students, we have been studying English for more than seven years now. In our everyday life, we put the main emphasis on writing and the learning of English words and grammar instead of improving our oral English skills.

Writes Claudia Rosu…

During the study with the students from Coventry we realized that our English is so poor. When we reported the news we always had much difficulty in translating.

Furthermore, we believe that cooperation is the most important thing in a team. In addition, we have learned at least two things from our teamwork. Because we come from the different countries we have different backgrounds so, when we discuss, we have many different ideas about the same thing. On one hand, we can analysis a topic from many points of view in order to understand something more clearly. On the other hand, we do not always come to the same conclusion. Everyone sticks with his own idea and maybe the ideas are quite inconsistent. After some time we learnt how to solve such a problem. We decide to find as many evidences as we can to prove your own ideas and then select the best one. In a word, we learnt the importance of teamwork.

What left a deep impression on me was the way journalist work. Sometimes, we couldn’t express an idea clearly. With the help of our teacher, Andrew Noakes, we understood that we needed to add some more detail in order to make people understand the article better. At the same time, we journalism students needed to write words which are shorter but correct. After all, the aim of a journalist is to tell the people what happened and what the truth is not just to entertain.

All in all, these days spent together are not just full of incredible memories but proved to be a great chance to learn something new and improve our writing and speaking skills.



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4 responses to “Lost in translation? Not so for Cov-China exchange students

  1. “writes Kimberley Hall” …. actually writes Claudia Rosu but nevermind

  2. I’ll look into this. If it’s your article I’ll change the name over.

    Jon Dudley – Editor

  3. kim

    definitely not mine 🙂

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