‘Fall in Love’ comes to ZUMC

Located in the heart of ZUMC campus is the 1200-square metre Media Tower. It is the biggest of its kind in Zhejiang Province, and the local TV station – Zhejiang TV Station often comes to ZUMC to make TV programmes. Writes Juliet Chen and Jonathan Tan…

Yesterday, a TV programme called ‘Fall in Love’ was recorded in one of the studios. A special set, with big screens, strobe lights and a stage, were constructed in the studio.

This reality programme is a blind date and match-making show. In each episode, four or five men come to take the challenge. Ten women are shortlisted out of a big bevy and they fire mean and difficult questions and judgments to the men, like “What’s your monthly salary?”, “If we marry, will we live with your parents?” or ”You are too generous, I am afraid you will be nice to every girl”. If the man gives good answers which satisfy the women, he may have the chance to choose the woman he likes and ask her out on a date. If the woman says yes, then they can hold hands and go outside together, with a reward from the TV programme. During the show, the host and a psychologist give advice to the man or woman to help their communication skills.

Coventry University student Jonathan Tan went to see how the show was recorded yesterday. “I never knew recording a TV programme was such a laborious and time-consuming process,” he said. “There were some lighting and screen problems, and errors made by the actors meant they had to do it all over again constantly.”

This episode of the TV programme ‘Fall in Love’ will be seen next Monday evening on Zhejiang TV Station.


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