Ten things to know about Zhejiang University

  1. Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, together with Communication University of China, are said of as “there is a Broadcast and Telegraph college in the north, so there is one in the south”. The two are the main colleges are aimed at training media students. Writes Eleven…
  2. Zhejiang University of Media and Communications located in Hangzhou, which is called a paradise. The university has two campuses, one in Xiasha university town, at the bank of the Qiantang River, the other in Tongxiang. The whole size of the campuses is 62000㎡.
  3. The university consists of 13 colleges: Journalism and Communications, Electronic information, anime, management, new media, music and so on. They also have 3 teaching departments, they are the Foreign language department, Social science department, and Public sports department.
  4. The university has built a studio building with 22 floors and 30000㎡. It cost 2 billion yuan to build. There are 17 studios in all kinds of sizes, the largest is 1200㎡. These facilities are really rare in universities of China.
  5. In recent years, we communicate with more than 40 colleges from England, America, Australia, New Zealand and so on. The number of excellent students going abroad to these locations is increasing at present.
  6. Many outstanding graduates and alumni are now at important stations, such as CCTV. They still keep in contact with us, though.
  7. The motto of our school is: dedication, erudition, truth-pursuing, innovation. The school badge is a peace dove, the shape of which looks like the letters “C” and “M” in ZUMC.
  8. Club activities play an important role in our school. We have a variety of societies and clubs including Environment club, cartoon club and the dance club. Students take an active part in all these clubs, and most of those clubs do incredible jobs!
  9. We have multiple medias, and long term partnerships with a lot of mass medias outside our campus, which offer students a platform for future employment.
  10. The school has vitality, because the teachers always have new ideas which are coupled with the students’ active thinking. Therefore, the whole school is flourishing.

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