Staying healthy: The chinese way

For the first time a group of students who have never been to a tea farm visited one in West Lake of Hangzhou. A demonstrator showed them how beneficial dragon tea is. By showing the students a glass experiment by adding Oil to water and rice to represent what we eat, this made the water and rice turn black to show our insides. She poured the Dragon tea into the black water which changed it misty clear and the black rice changed white. This amazing tea can also help with cholesterol high blood pressure and slimming with a starting price of 100 Yuan (£10). Writes April Lucas and Abbey Kelly…

Another tea they were introduced to is Ju Hua Cha (flower tea) which relaxes oneself and helps cure a sore throat especially after eating spicy/salty foods. It contains medlar, red date (good for women) chrysanthemum and lotus seeds, so this tea is very beneficial for the body. It’s cheap at the price of 5 Yuan (50p).

“Shang Biao You” is medical oil, that’s made in Thailand it’s not sold in china’s mainland, however for the first time last year it was sold in Guangdong Province, which is near Hong Kong.  Candy Cai a ZUMC Journalism student  said: “I use Shang Biao You to  help me with stomach pain and travel sickness, this is also considered very beneficial for the human body, menthol, clove oil, pepper mint oil, cinnamon oil and camphor”.

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