Bye bye Facebook, we’re in China now!

Coventry students will have to cope with the ban on Facebook in China for the rest of their stay in Hangzhou. The cliché that you ‘can’t survive without Facebook’ has hit the students as many of them have made complaints that they can’t log onto Facebook. Writes Fatima Ahmed…

China had decided last year to ban the popular networking site as well as Youtube and Twitter.

Over six hundred million people are active users, with one hundred and seventy million users logging onto Facebook every day. 85% of university students use Facebook which shows the popularity of the site.

The block on these sites mean that you cannot access them at all. So what do the Chinese students use to connect with each other? “We use a special networking site especially for China, it’s very similar to Facebook and only China is able to use it,” says Sukie Wang who studies TV News. Looking at the site, ‘Renren’, they use very similar colours to Facebook and have very similar settings such as status updates and many applications that Facebook has. It is also the most popular networking site in China. “This site is very similar to Facebook. We use Renren to connect with all our friends and family,” says Sukie Wang. Her homepage is not much different to the Facebook user profile page. The notification tab is exactly like the one on Facebook and the structure of the homepage is the same as well.

Coventry student Danielle Cook says: “I find it hard connecting with my family and friends, now that I cannot use Facebook and I have to keep using my phone which is not good because my phone bill will be high when I get back and I just think it would be more convenient as I can connect with everyone if Facebook wasn’t blocked.”


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