A Chinese student’s view of Coventry

We have never been to Britain and never been to your school, but we got information about your university through the Internet and through asking James about it. We found out that the teaching buildings of Coventry University are located in various different parts of the city. You need to go to another place by bus when you’ve finished having a class. This differs greatly from our campus. Writes Wen Linhao and translated by Haylin Wen and James Richardson…

Their teaching buildings and dormitories are very modern. The accommodation in Coventry is very big and comfortable and they have much more privacy than here. They have their own bathrooms and can cook their own food, rather than having it provided for them.

Their best major is modern transportation and they have various different kinds of courses available. They study aeronautical and automotive engineering at the university, which is not available at ZUMC. From this, we can judge Coventry is a comprehensive University, offering a variety of courses. It’s said that their automotive design and engineering courses rank as some of the best in Britain. On the contrary, the focus of our university is media and everything that goes with it. We have a professional performance and broadcast building, what’s more, we also have many kinds of school medias, covering different aspects of the media. Apart from this, many platforms are provided to students after graduating. I think Coventry as an excellent university, with an excellent support service being provided by both the staff and the Student’s Union.

The teachers in Coventry are good, too. One of the visiting teachers was once a BBC news producer. This time they come to our school to have a international lesson; to learn from each other about how our two cultures differ and how they are similar. Over the time that the Coventry students are here, we will produce a daily newspaper, make videos and contributing to this blog.


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