On going abroad

Recently, I read a news from the website of China Daily, it said that China now has the largest number of overseas students in the world, with a record 1.27 million studying abroad at the end of 2010.
Well, this news was totally a big shock for me for I didn’t know there was so many of them. At the same time, a great number of my friends are planning to go abroad for further study, the question of why we want to go abroad comes to my mind. Writes Sukey Wang…

Frankly, I’m one of the students who want to go abroad. For many times I ask myself for the particular reason, but I don’t have an answer. Perhaps going abroad is just like opening a window for your eyes, you’ve no ideas about what will happen or what to expect, just enjoy the journey and share your stories with the world.
About this question, I’ve asked several friends of mine. Finally I got my ideal answer, my friend Lu says that going abroad is for diversity, once you are involved in a place full of diversity, not only can you broaden your horizon, but you also can have a better chance to identify your culture and yourself through diversity. In light of this,maybe for us going abroad is about being a better ourselves.
Having been with the students from the UK for a couple of days, I feel that I have benefit from the culture diversity, take our team for example. In this afternoon when we were talking about the social network, our British friends firstly came up with the famous website “Facebook” while our Chinese students think about “Renren”. You may ascribe to the principle of government, the difference between East and West. Anyway, it is the diversity. And thanks to the diversity that makes us communicate and share continuously.

Additionally, when it comes to the fashion, my teammates Fatima and Danielle start to look around in our campus in order to find some kinds of girls through their British perspective, such diversity push myself to think, what if we change our solid attitude when we write news stories , what if we stand on the other side of the issue to look at the whole thing? Maybe we can get more through that way.


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