Medieval Market Hangzhou style

Hefang Street which is a famous big traditional Chinese market, Local artists with amazing skills were carving decoration onto delicate plates with the characteristics that represent good luck and good fortune. The location has kept its originality to some extent but has been reconstructed for safety. The market contains different traditional stores selling a variety of antiques some genuine and some not so genuine. Write Abbey Kelly and April Lucas…

Lu Hao, ZUMC student, said “the medicine shop was a hospital in ancient China and still functions now, they offer free herbal tea drinks which help with blood circulation and inner balance.”
A huge statue in the middle of the street caught our attention, Lu Hao explained to us that the statue features a well known Chinese commander in history his known for his loyalty.
The Students from Coventry University went shopping and found that all of the locals couldn’t help but stare and even take pictures.  This caused students to feel a little uncomfortable. “They kept on pointing and taking pictures of me and other university students but I soon adapted to it once I learnt how to Haggle and grab really good bargains” says a April Lucas Coventry university student.





来自考文垂的学生在河坊街购物的时候发现来往的路人情不自禁地看他们有些甚至还在拍照。这样学生感到有些不自在。“他们不停地指指点点, 但是,我很快就习惯了,因为我知道如何讨价还价。”April Lucas,一位来自考文垂的学生说到。


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