The first day: The Chinese way

As part of the Coventry-China exchange, the group shall be creating number of posts on our experiences here in both Chinese and English. This is the first impression of the Chinese students of the Coventry students and their reactions to their new world.

We finally met the Coventry University students today. I had little knowledge of the UK before now; I really just thought it was an island, historically being called “the British Empire”, usually rainy and foggy, and very strict. But today, after a short exchange this morning, I found that the is legend of the British was nothing more than a myth.

Although there were some language barriers, we soon had conversation flowing. We chatted about their impression of Hangzhou, and they said they would like to see the West Lake of Hangzhou, Hangzhou, and also that they liked the food, in particular, the Longjing shrimp.

Writes Claire Xiao (Edited and translated by Tim Watson)…

This afternoon we visited the campus with Tim and Keshia, the boutiques (shops) both on and off campus. They were very interested in the stationery, but also astonished by our low prices, Tim especially has been shopping a lot.

Today we received the group’s exchange mission to produce content for the CU-Today web site. Tim was appointed team leader. Although Chinese students always work in a team, we are different from the English students; they have a lot of imagination and their thinking is very active. They have a lot of ideas for the homework and everyone has their own personal opinion. For example, we have a British boy in our group who always wants to experience new things so he always goes to other groups.

I think this is the biggest difference between us in education. We are used to being set different tasks by teachers and then we go do them, but they prefer to create their own task and want to do homework in a relaxed environment.


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