Explore the secrets of Ancient Egypt at the Herbert

A new exhibition that will enable tourists to discover ancient egypt has been launched at the Herbert Gallery going on until 5 June 2011.

By exploring the exhibition titled ‘Secret Egypt – Unravelling Truth from Myth’, visitors can find out if it was aliens who built pyramids, or what was the mummy’s curse and if Egyptians were actually obsessed with death.

Head of Collections and Programmes at the Coventry Heritage and Arts Trust, Christopher Kirby says: “visitors can expect a dramatic experience of ancient Egypt with over 200 objects from some of the finest collections in the UK.”

“We try and put the visitor in the position of being the archeologist and curator, and they are using the physical evidence of the past to extrapolate the true stories about ancient Egypt” he added.

Some of the artefacts include a giant granite statue of Ramesess II from the British Museum, a rare sculpture of Queen Nefertiti from the Ashmolean and a gold pendant which was discovered in the hands of a thief trapped in a collapsed tomb. This is also the chance to get a closer look at a real preserved mummy. Writes Natasha De Silva…

Addressing the significance of the title of the exhibition Mr. Kirby said:  “the idea of the secret is that the exhibition will unravel the secrets and the truths about ancient Egypt”.

History student Louisa who visited the exhibition said: “It’s fantastic, there is so much to learn about Egypt and this exhibition has been very helpful and exciting.”

The exhibition will also include family events with free activities for children, from hands-on explorations to holiday workshops which the whole family can enjoy.

The next free event will take place on 26 March between 1pm and 3pm for children and their fathers, grandfathers and brothers titled ‘We’ve got the Mummy you bring the Daddy’.

Tourist can look forward to more great activities. For more information visit http://www.theherbert.org




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  2. Jamie

    Thanks for the mention – looking forward to welcoming you all!

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