Coventry has the experts

When it comes to sports at Coventry University, few others can match the wealth of expertise available at the University.

Dr John Beech, a lecturer at the University, is nationally recognized for his work in football management, providing commentary on over 160 English Clubs covering marketing, managerial and financial issues. His work is internationally recognized and he has been working at the University since 1995.

Speaking to the University, Dr Beech commented on the current situation of the football clubs finances saying: “It is a very testing time for clubs at the moment, especially those that do not have rich backers.”

2007 saw the arrival of a distinguished sports researcher by the name of Professor Simon Chadwick to Coventry University. Professor Chadwick is the founder of CIBS – the Centre for the International Business of Sport at Coventry University. Barcelona, Athletico Madrid and Us Open Tennis are some of the more notable organisations that he has worked with. Writes Artlee Mhlanga…

With an already impressive line-up of sporting experts, the latest edition to Coventry University’s sports experts came in September 2010. Dr Benoit Senaux explained his reasoning in choosing Coventry University to base his work by simply stating: “It’s got a very dynamic sport and events management department.” Dr Senaux has an impressive professional background and has researched in various countries such as Germany, Sweden and Scotland.

Coventry University has recruited some of the finest sports personnel with decorated backgrounds in each of their given fields. Phil Smith, a senior Sports Therapy lecturer at the university is also a coach tutor for Sports Coach UK and works to develop the UK’s coaching system.

Each expert has been made available and more importantly accessible to every Coventry University student.



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