An iPhone App to ease student-life

The Coventry University iPhone App

A brand new iPhone App is coming up which will prevent Coventry University students from missing out on lectures or racking up those expensive library fines.

Jonathan Chowdhury, Online Communications Manager of Coventry University, revealed: “Later this year IT Services will be launching an app aimed at current students which will have some really useful functionality enabling students to access their timetables, check computer availability in labs and reserve books from the library”.

Coventry University is developing mobile apps to uncover the vast untapped potential of current phones and make the hectic student life a little bit easier, and a great deal smarter. Writes Sergejs Cuhrajs…

With the existing Coventry Uni App students can explore the courses available, campus maps, details of Open Days, news and events with just one touch on their phones.

“It’s a useful tool for prospective students to download to their phone and learn about the Coventry University Experience’’ added Mr. Chowdhury.

And the race to saddle these ever-evolving mobile technologies are far from over. “We are constantly looking for the latest trends in technology’’, says Mr. Chowdhury.

CU App is available for iPhone and iPod Touch users via iTunes App Store, while the web optimized version of the app can be accessed on most other phones under




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