A little haven for East African students

Sarah Olowefoyeku reciting her poem at the Pamoja Party

Coventry University has re-launched the East African Society to help students coming from East Africa ease into the university experience whilst giving them the confidence to come away from home.

Travelling thousands of miles across the world may be a daunting experience especially if you are not familiar with the culture and the surroundings, for that reason the society aims to help students coming for the first time to UK with all relevant support ranging from accommodation to the kind of phone contracts to use.

President of the society George Kut says, “a forum is needed to affect East African Students coming in to the UK, most of us don’t know where we are going to when we leave home”.

The society is a little home away from home for East African students; they are assured of meeting other students who are also planning on joining Coventry University and those already in the university who can give them necessary support. It is a place where students can share their problems and feel appreciated. Writes Christine Maema…

Krishna dance crew entertaining at the Pamoja Party

Most recently the society planned the ‘Pamoja’ party (meaning ‘together’ when translated from Swahili). The event had more than 300 students participating and different performers, ranging from poets to dance groups graced the night.

One of the performers of the night, who goes by the stage name ‘Wise’ was humbled by the experience of performing at ‘Pamoja’, he said: “One very positive thing I take away is the professionalism of ‘Pamoja’. There was a consistent, encouraging rapport between all the acts and this meant it was a pleasure to be involved.”

The society aims to plan more events of this kind and bring together more students from different parts of East Africa, and have them treated as one and unite together to gain the most memorable university experience.

“The East African society is a place where people have different identities, our ethnicity should strengthen who we are, and not divide us… We all come from one place” added George Kut.


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  1. Andrew Sudi

    Andrew from Kenya, a prospective masters student. Am really encouraged to learn of student support while on campus.
    Thank you and yeah to the spirit of pamoja.

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