Trish Adudu, fighting the cultural battle

The motivated and driven Trish Adudu has gotten herself through her career with one phrase. “There is no such word as can’t!” Told to her by her father at a tender age, it has stuck with her ever since. Through this she believes everyone has the power to succeed with a good idea.

Adudu has broken out of her poor upbringing, and is still striving for more. She grew up as a local in Coventry and later graduated from Warwick University. From there on she began her whirlwind of careers as an Assistant Producer.  At the time it seemed quite daunting to her, as no one else was Black, or looked like her. When asking the Senior Producer of the BBC, whether she could appear on screen she received her first piece of negativity. “No offence Trish, but Black people are only good at jumping and sprinting.”

Adudu wasn’t knocked back for long, sooner enough her phrase came into play. Her belief is that everyone has a role to play. There is still room for more, especially with ethnicities. There is still a need for Black, Chinese, and Japanese presenters on the BBC. Britain is full of many cultures but television doesn’t show a true representation of this. Writes Arlene Simon…

The fight between Chris Eubanks and Michael Watson inspired Adudu to make a documentary. From this fight Michael Watson was nearly killed, and both parties hadn’t spoken since. Adudu sat outside Eubanks house for 3 months, each chance she got she would ask for him to speak to Watson. One day he gave in. Many channels turned down the opportunity to screen this Documentary. A woman from the BBC who didn’t have very much money funded the programme. Amazingly Adudu won an award for this documentary called Michael Watson -Fighting Back. On the way to pick up the award, she had to walk through all the tables of the people who said no. She dedicated the award to all who need to believe in themselves. This award surely helped to change her life.

Adudu is quite a motivational speaker, if not meant intentionally. She believes all ideas can work. “You have to believe in them, and realise how much they are worth. Once you have developed your idea, look at the competition, how can yours be better and stand out?” She has developed her idea into a Format; Formats are now a more conventional way of making money. They are the future.


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