“Dream a little dream of me”

Yesterday saw a most solemn occasion when Nadia Baird’s family and friends came together at the Canley Crematorium to bid her farewell.

It was a perfect service that truly paid tribute to the wonderful person she was. A poem Nadia wrote before she died to her childhood pet birds were read out at her service; listening to that made us feel Nadia’s presence. It reminded us that even though our physical journey with her is over, the spiritual one has just begun. Writes Natasha De Silva…

The song ‘Dream a little dream of me’ was played in the background as everyone present contemplated on the times they shared with Nadia. Whether they knew her all her life, or knew her just for a few months or years; Nadia managed to touch their lives. As her mother explained at the fellowship after the cremation service; Nadia was not only given to her, she was given to all of us, because she made a difference wherever she went. “That’s my Nadia…” said her mother.

A book of memories was compiled with captured memories of Nadia and letters from friends and family.  Every picture on that book showed a different side of Nadia, the sweet, the fun, the kind, the strong, the adventurous, the determined, and the talented Nadia. People spent hours at the Ellen Terry Building talking about her and remembering the wonderful times they shared with her; the times they laughed with her and the times they cried with her. It was a room full of mixed emotions, as some laughed remembering her and some cried.

But it’s time to move on nevertheless carrying Nadia in our hearts. Learning from her life; I’m sure she had no regrets because she lived everyday with enthusiasm and optimism.


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