Do you appreciate the chocolate you eat?

The Chocolate Appreciation stall at the Fresher's Fayer 2011

The Chocolate Appreciation Society of Coventry University was created just for that purpose; to appreciate and learn about the chocolate that everyone loves. A group that was started by two people because of an obsession of chocolate is now thriving.

It is a bizarre group but without a doubt an interesting one filled with fun activities. The group was made to create general awareness of chocolates in the society, President of the club Usmann Mohammed thinks that it is very important to be aware of what we eat: “We live to eat and we eat to live; and chocolate is a major part of everyone’s diets.” Writes Natasha De Silva…

The society not only appreciates chocolates but they also support fair trade. “Fair trade chocolate is expensive, but the way it’s made and packaged is much more ethical” says Usmann. On Last year’s ‘Fair Trade Fortnight’ the society gave away free fair trade chocolates and had more students sign up for the society. For this year’s ‘Fair Trade Fortnight’, which will be held between the 21st of February and the 4th of March, the society will have a stall selling brownies and cakes which will be run by Dean Lucas of ‘More Cocoa’. “He makes real hot chocolate with melted chocolate and hot milk and it’s really really nice” explained Usmann with obvious excitement.  

At the Fresher’s Fayre the society had one of the best stalls with a chocolate fountain and over 200 students signing up. Future activities of the club include a quiz night and a trip to Cadbury World. To join the society all you have to do is get in touch with the society via the student union website (


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