University Institute Expands into Asia

Coventry University’s Serious Game Institute has teamed up with The Media Development Authority of Singapore to set up a Games Solution Centre. The organisations have announced two initiatives to create opportunities for game companies.

The Serious Games Institute will mentor budding games companies, providing them with the tools to create computer games which will tap into markets in the UK and Singapore. Game design and research and development tools will be on offer to businesses both here and in Asia.

Through the intervention of the Serious Games Institute companies in Singapore could expand into other areas of their economy. There are suggestions it could open up opportunities in healthcare as well as a corporate learning. £2.5 million will be provided by the Media Development Authority and the funds will be spent on selected projects over a two year period.

The Games Solution Centre, planned for Mediapolis Phase Zero in Singapore, is the second initiative aiming to provide assistance to over 500 game developers over three years. The Serious Games Institute will pass on their training capabilities and research and development methods. Writes Jack McCaughtrie…

Five students from Nanyang Technology College will be picked to work on projects with the Serious Games Institute in Singapore and the UK.

Tom Lim, a Senior Director at the Media Development Authority, has described the partnership as “exciting” and is looking forward to working with the world renowned Coventry based institute in order to “grow the serious games sector in Singapore”. Also Mr Lim said, “We hope that Singapore companies will make use of the opportunities that we have created to strengthen their expertise in creating serious games and explore new areas to further grow their business. Through this partnership, we also hope to work with UK game companies to hub their activities in Singapore, and to use Singapore as a launch pad for their ambitions in the Asian market. “

The director of the Serious Games Institute, Tim Luft, mirrored Mr Lim’s excitement over the partnership and expressed that Singapore was ideal to fulfil the need of expansion into Asia. “We chose to establish a dedicated hub in Singapore as we believe Singapore has the necessary resources and potential in this area.”

Plans are now being finalised for the 30th April deadline for submissions.


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