Get a sneak preview of Andy Kershaw’s ‘No Off Switch’

Andy Kershaw.

The Coventry Conversation this Thursday will feature Andy Kershaw, broadcaster and writer, in ETG34 (Ellen Terry Building) at 1.00pm.

Andy was spotted in 1984 by a producer as a potential new presenter. He began his career in September that year with a report for Whistle Test from the Monsters of Rock heavy metal festival. In 1985, he was invited to present his own show by BBC Radio 1. After 15 years at Radio 1, he was replaced and found his new home at Radio 3. As a journalists Andy plays foreing correspondent to BBC Radio news and occassionally finds himself making travel documentaries for Channel 4.  Writes Natasha De Silva…

The inventor of the Coventry Conversations, John Mair, has promised a sensational conversation where Andy Kershaw is expected to read an extract or two out of his new book, ‘No Off Switch’.

Regarding the contents of the book, John Mair says: “On pain of death I cannot tell you what is in it but I can tell you it is a cracking read, beautifully written.”

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