It is probably now the most widely read journalism student blog in the UK. Today, December 28th 2010 at 1.30 pm , conquered the summit of 100,000 hits since it was established 21 months ago by Coventry journalism student Jason Craig. Since, its mixture of news about the Coventry Media and Communications Department, the events there including the Coventry Conversations and CUEAFS, news about the Coventry School of Art and Design and student work taking place there,news about the University and further afield has proved of appeal worldwide. The blog has reported from Coventry, Glasgow, London and live from Formula One trackside in China. It now blogs live on some events at Coventry University. Top posts to date are ‘Ten Things you need to know about Coventry’, posts around and about Coventry Alum Debbie Isitt’s hit film ‘Nativity’ and auto/design related stories. makes the news as well as reports it. Guardian Editor in Chief Alan Rusbridger recently tweeted it about its’ reporting of the Coventry Conversation of another Cov Alum Former Sun Editor David Yelland and his comments on Andy Coulson/phone tapping. The blog is regularly reported in, ukpressgazette, and elsewhere. It is firmly on the national journalism radar. -sometimes rough and ready, never not relevant-has thrived under four diligent student editors. Jason Craig-the Lord Gnome figure of CUTWC-now has a career as a journalist in his native Ulster, Marc Johnson has too set out on a PR career and the current editors and current journalism students-Natasha DeSilva and Radena Choleva. Nearly 700 posts have gone up, daily hits average 200 with a high of nearly 2000 during the reporting of the ‘Play the Game’ conference in Coventry in June 2009.It has proved far and away the most successful and enduring internet blog to emerge from Coventry University and a brilliant training ground for the journalists manqué of the future. Future plans include more live blogging,a motoring section and much more.
Today, Jason Craig,the founder says ‘Success isn’t easily achieved, and the conception of was far from plain sailing, but it is here, it is being read, and there is clearly the demand for it. It used to be journalism students at Coventry followed the trends being set by their peers, but now the roles have been reversed, and they now lead from the front. Perhaps that’s the biggest measure of its’ success’.
John Mair,senior lecturer in broadcasting at Coventry, who has kept a benevolent eye on the blog from the get go says ‘I am very proud of the journalism students at Coventry and what they have achieved with is a triumph for them. This is a living demonstration of students and open media and trusting them to do it well and legally.That was doubted in the inception. Success never come easy and the original obstacles seem light years away now. The success is down to their talent,blood sweat and tears. They deserve huge praise for this signal target reached. Open Media works at all levels. Onwards and upwards to a bigger and better’


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