Pendulum and Hadouken electrify the sold out NIA!

A review by Mohammad Farooq

There is no better band than Pendulum in the world today; they are remarkable and very energetic; especially live! Hadouken were also superb and vigorous!

On a very snowy and icy night on December 2, 2010, in the Second City the sensational and dynamic Pendulum; along with supporting band Hadouken performed an amazing concert held at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham.

Taking up nearly two and a half very dragging hours just to travel 23 miles from Coventry to the venue by car; waiting in the road rush rage is definitely well worth it.

Before the start, there was a bizarre sight of a man dressed up in a green full bodysuit looking like a ‘class A’ military turtle and his purple anonymous looking creature, Alladin’s genie? I’ll let you make your own decisions from the sight below!

Waiting for Hadouken to perform the crowd started throwing blown up condoms to all parts of the standing audience, a very unusual thing for such an event. A few items of clothing, as well as glass, plastic bottles and glow sticks were also thrown to pass time. I even noticed a HUMAN get thrown in the air at one point.

Hadouken performing M.A.D

So far I have described the pre-concert antics. After that the band gave an unforgivably good introduction to the concert. Hadouken delivered a blackout ‘lightning’ entrance as quoted by the lead singer, James Smith “for the masses of the NIA” to make everyone open their eyes and start jumping just as an introduction workout to start the electrifying and breath-taking night of a concert.

As they were on stage for only an hour performing their 2010 latest ‘For The Masses Album’, they made their supporting part of the concert like a main event!

They opened the show with ‘Rebirth’, then ‘Get smashed, Get crashed’, followed by a ‘M.A.D’ track! Throughout the entire Hadouken performance, James Smith had a Tourette’s repetitive statement asking: “Birmingham, are you enjoying the f*****g night?”

The main highlights of the rest of Hadouken, after the NIA became ‘M.A.D’, Hadouken decided to perform a ‘Mic Check’ just to confirm the NIA was alive and kicking before they ‘Turn the Lights Out’ literally.

The main event was Pendulum. An Australian electronic, rock, drum and bass band formed in 2002, made the concert simply even better. Pendulum was introduced to their entrance by Hadouken to literally rationalise the ‘supporting’ element of the concert!

“Ladies and Gentlemen we understand that you have come tonight to bare witness to the sound of drum… and… bass!” Yes, this introducing statement from ‘Blood Sugar’ is correct! A bonus, Pendulum also entertained all the electronic rockers in the NIA.

To say ‘G’day’ to the NIA, Pendulum decided to rub ‘Salt In The Wounds’, maybe for the exciting pain of anticipation from waiting an entire sixty minutes for the main event grand entrance. The concert was taken to another level and the sound system was much louder than Hadouken and even they popped the ears of the audience.

Pendulum performing 'Salt In The Wounds'

Second on the list was ‘Genesis’. Pendulum performed old tracks in conjunction with their 2010 new spectacular album ‘Immersion’.

Other inspirational, vibrant live tracks performed included: The Island part 1 and 2, Showdown, Witchcraft, Fasten Your Seatbelts, Crush, Propane Nightmares – an old school classic for all Pendulum fans, Tarantula – getting everyone standing, moshing and jumping! and Blood Sugar.

The above set list is missing a popular song. Of course, it is especially when Rob Swire shouted “one more track” to send everyone in the NIA ballistic! Every Pendulum fan knew what was coming.

The concert could not be complete, without Pendulum leaving the most popular song of the ‘Immersion’ album to close the concert, ‘Watercolour’!This track sent every single person in the NIA crazy to their limits, even the stewards were singing, jumping and moshing along with sweating combined. It led to some people even taking their tops off.

All in all, an event not for the faint-hearted.

Bottom line, this concert is given an overview rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Despite the fact, they did perform two slow songs in middle of the concert and maybe a better and longer version of the decent ‘Watercolour’ performance. However, this was the ultimate dream concert one can fulfill their dreams of.

Pendulum performing hottest track for grand finale: ‘Watercolour’




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