Nativity! – Something To Add To Your Favourite DVD Collection

Nativity! the DVD was released on 22 November 2010, proving to be a Christmas favourite for years to come. It has already bagged second place on the DVD Top 200 Charts, coming out the same week as Toy Story which is number one on the charts. “I think people just want to watch something fun and festive at Christmas time and they seem to be loving this film” said an excited Debbie Isitt, director of the film.


What is the film all about? “Nativity! is a feel good family Christmas film that’s very funny and was a big hit in cinemas last Christmas. It follows the story of frustrated primary school teacher Mr Maddens (played by Martin Freeman) as he tries to mount his school Nativity show in Coventry with his underachieving class of nine year olds and mental classroom assistant Mr Poppy (played by Marc Wootten)” described Debbie Isitt.  Writes Natasha De Silva…

Debbie hasn’t forgotten her time as a student at Coventry University where she learnt some important lessons in life: “My time spent training in acting at Coventry University was the most brilliant foundation for a career in theatre and film.  I had amazing teachers and was taught how to be master of my own destiny – probably the most important lesson I have ever learned.”

Is Nativity! going International? It sure is. The film opened a film festival in Indiana: “It was really well received by the Americans and is on sale there at Amazon US and Blockbusters” commented Debbie. Although Universal Studios has offered to do an American remake of Nativity! Debbie is in no rush because of the attention the film is enjoying, not only in the UK but even South Korea, “it is being released in cinemas this Christmas in South Korea – that was very unexpected but they seem to love the film so… we’re big in Korea!!!” said Debbie.  

Fans of Nativity! watch out for the sequel; Debbie loved making the film as much as we loved watching it so a sequel to Nativity! can be expected: “There is so little home grown family entertainment in the UK that I’m on a bit of a mission to make that happen so hopefully I’ll be shooting that next year.”




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