12.02John Kampner of Index on censorship on his libel reform campaign.Very technical

12.04 London became libel tourism capital of the world.Ukrainains suing fellow unkrainains in the UK courts

12.05 Obama signed law protecting us citizens from being sued in english libel courts

12.08 Private members bill tabled byLord Lester.Taken on by Coailtion government.Where at now?Draft bill likely march 2011.Scrutiny in 6/12 months

12.09 law likely  ‘responsible journalism’ beefed up Reynolds.Singe publication rule.Question marks over chatrooms and other internet things.out of court libel tribunal to discuss meaning and pre trial agreements.Helped by national newspaper editors in campaign

12.10 one of single most important ngo campaigns for changing law..

12.12 Tony Jaffa of Foot Anstey.Minstry of Justice working party interesting esp bit on qualified privilege.Disagreed with kampnefer on county courts deciding libel

12.16 CFA and success policies attacked.Arcane stuff.Hence lack of detailed reporting(I am bored)


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