11.02Darren Thwaites Editor evenign gazette teeside.Looks just below school leaving age.Positive about present.Papers only part of story.Massive local audience on the net.Engagement-community bloggers to community forums.Wish 3.1 million tokes collected in five matchday blog 1000 hits.

1106.Third key work influence Talk up teeside.Middlesbourgh worst place to live in Britain.Powerful and influential voice in last 18 months.Shoulder to shoulder with steel workers all the way.Good shape to come back fighting when economy recovers

11.09 Economic downturn bigger impact than structural changes,Session called IT AIN’T DEAD AND WE’RE FIXING IT written by somebody unfamiliar with the English language

11.10 Derek Tucker editor press and journal aberdeen.About to become part of the past-retiring.Winced at title.Ungrmmatical non sequitur.Horrendous last decade.Need to take stock of what went wrong.Why P&J third larges selling regional newspaper in Britain.

11.13 Do things liek local councils and what it says on the tin.True to our beliefs.8 editions a day.huge undertaking needs lots of journalists.Quality newspaper basis of success.Industry handed over training.Very few young people posees street cunning and inquisitiveness .English is a second language.Abandoned the selection process.More active role in trainign.Not yesterday’s amatuer enthusiasts.

11.16.Which other fmcg manufacturer would offer good for free delivered to home.Strict rules to ensure the print customer gets it first.Don’t see too many companies looking to recruit 150 journalists in the north of scotland for a website.Sings that tide is turning and the internet jurassics.Internet served only to decrease sales..

11.18 We hav emade a mess on it online.Good job i am going to walk..

11.21 Joy Yates Editor Hartlepool Mail.Act as his training academy.Excellently developed university students and turn them into journalists.Been at mail for four years.Townies known as Monkey.Jeff stelling started career in Hartlepool Mail

11.23.know your readers and know what they want.Nothing better than atmosphere of vibrant newsroom.Haribo works to gnerate buzz in newsroom.

11.26 Figures of minus 4%.Darren say Hartlepool has the S=special-factor.In teeside only so many picture of geordeis people will take

11.28Laura who won the double d  contract made it to front page.Sales

11.30World Cup dress up dogs in England shirts.Entered in droves,,Proud to be a Poolie campaign.Have pride in town…

11.31 Quotes Cheryl Coles .Her x facotr acts are relevant,entertaiing ,would make a good newspaper editor..

11.35 Disco on university education

11.36 Attack on Derek Tucker for univerisyt comments.John mair says it is bile and  secondary modern boy jealous of grammar school.He revealed he had an oxford honours degree.

11.39 Paul Charman of london college of communication tries to maul him on universities.derak goign redder

11.44 woman from falkland island news (how did she get here?)suggests the aberdeen press and journal offer content by email.tucker still unwilling to put news first on the web.Generational split with Darren..

11.46 Evening Standard decision to go free not one for aberdeen nor hartlepool

11.49 Johnstone Press pay wall experiment abandoned after three months.Trailled different newspapers with pay walls.Did not continue with any of them

11.50 Hunt and local v.Right for hartlpool and middlesborough.Won’t stack up.Aberdeen -dc thomson part of  succesful bid for scottish local INFC.Labour lost election.It fell

11.51No poaching on teeside.Let market decide.Hartlepool editor proud if trained staff go elsewhere



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