4.10 Lesley Riddoch introduces subject

Bill Akass Managing Editor News of  the World.Building website.Amazing run oof NOW stories this year.Prevent abuse of power simply because we exist.V.alue of  free press in corruption we prevent,Public interest?Not a snobbish elite.Public interest impact on lives of our readers.

4.12 Cricket max fixing .Extraordianry story.Huge detterent to corruption.Political system one of cleanest in the world.Mps expenses-seen as small beer in other countries.BBC fifa film-not deterred abotu exposing corruption

4.15 Paul Francis Kent Messenger Kent journo of the eyar.local paper worst in world for recycling.cameron’s big society-what checks and balnaces on privatised suppliers,planned merger of councils in london and elswhere-no voter say in the matter.Smal cabals may emerge.Transparency revolution-all councils from janaury publish all deals over £500.Will journalists understand?How wil they find their way around it.

4.21 Journalists will need new skills.FOI important part of journalist armoury

4.22 Is freedom of information replacing old style journalistic skills like contacts etc

4.25 Strong comunity out there doing data digging

4.27 Deric Henderson of PA Ireland on Peter Robinson story .Climaxed with robinson called him to his home in belfast.wife issued penitent statement.Most difficult interview had to experience.Defining moment-wife unfaithful and back room team found wanting.

4.30 Phone call from friend re Iris Robinson having an affair.Put it to chief adviser.Two days later called to say’balderdash’.Contact confirmed story and added in the loan.

4.33 speculation grew after she withdrew from public life.Chief adviser.Asked why lied,Having an affair not repeated sex.

4.35 Times changed in Ireland.News agenda changed since 1998.Journalists beating new path.Great times for reporters at home.Public servants held to account as never before.Good investigative work by papers-9 pages on financial affairs of senior members of the NHS.Robinson story highlighed the new order.

4.37Young reporter summoned  to west belfast to be given statement re the bombing of the grand hotel brighton.Peter Robinson may have lots more to say

4.40 Agendas within agendas.Five years ago would have left the story after initial denial.Now have time to investigate stories properly.Triumph of life becoming ordinary.

4.42 Clare Sambrook investigator.Winner George Orwelll Award and Rat up a Drainpipe awards.Campaing started with a knowk onthe door from a Kurdish refugee.Family taken into Yarlswood.Won the case but decided to from a campaign.Asylum seeker now a term of abuse.Letters from children’s writers,bishops,etc.

4.47 used google alerts to get stuff in public domain.

4.50have we had impact?dk.

4,51 Tweet all information.Tweet it ,increase readership.Motivation for getting into journalism to get things out,

5.10 Irish editor PA on Robinson case and developments not allowed to talk about because of a court order

5.15 Information Commissioner of industry need to organise itself for tranparency agenda.

5.16 World Cup and BBC investigation-FIFA should be put under scrutiny.If cost of invetigation FIFA loses bid then so be it.Amazed not more outcry about the .

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