2.20 Martin Clarke publisher Milonline on the success story that is the Mail/Mail on the net

Proud of biggest newspaper site in Britian.Second biggest english speaking in the world.

But not all good news .All national newspapers take just 0.8% of internet traffkic .6% use web for news.News sources portals and bbc

2.25 Portals hiring journalists like mad ‘disappear up our won paywalls’/Yahoo and MSN will find out how to do news well

facebook down traffic to mailonline went up 25%.Web one big entertainment medium.Web is just one big conversation.A free conversation.Social networks as important as search engines.10% of Mialonline traffic comes from Facebook.Second biggest to Google

2.29 facebook one spectacular marketing opportunity.mailonline never spent a penny on marketing.Daily Uk traffic numbers all important.

2.30 60% of 1.2/1.4 visit mailonline do nto buy the paper.i phone app downlaoded 70,000 times for 60 day free trail.would not have reached without website

2.32 sucess online does not mean failure in print.associated research mail users who used website bought twice as many papers as those who did not

2.33 more often you reach them more often they come back.Stong paper and strong website,

PaywallsTimes v mail average reader much more loyal and engaged than times readers longer time more pages,entry traffic up by 75% in a year.

2.36 excited about paywall experiment coming along next year.excited and terrified by the ipad explosionhe has 3

html 5 looks just like an app.coming along soon.apps redundant in a few years.mobiel access has to be paid for.peopel pay for convenience.

risk of cannibalising form i pads.don’t need to print anything out

2.40 papers have permance and presgtige that the web cannot match.things not as bad as you read sometimes.

most competitive  newspaper market in the world.mailonlien works because it tells stories in words and pictures.designed site round content.fantastic feedback.helps us get stories.tow readers in roth the leader likes lady gaga.

2.44 got to stop where once a day to reach twenty four hours a day.convergence wonderful opportunity

2.45 last month mailonlien record fifty million unique hits worldwide

2.47 Clarke asked to respond to story about  civil servants blog.right to use social media data..

2.48’monetise all our overseas traffic maybe nto north korea’

2.50 different to the newspaper…broader journalism than paper.not limited onlien by size and space

2.51 advice to digital virgins ..can’t say what will work for them’if times think they can make a paywall work then good luck to them;

sceptical.advertisers will  be the judge

2.56 link to rival as people will find it via google anyway.engagement is whether interested in or not and whether you come back.pugffs and lionks to get them to stay longer than one story

3.00 if great story comes into the web then it goes to the paper


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