3.05|Joanne Butcher ceo nctj on firsdt.Trying to meet the needs of a very diverse industry.60 years old.somewhat of a revolution.hannah waldram did nctj at cardiff.4o years of training and backpacak

3.06 journalists of the future

telling stories and to deadline,work in amultimedia environment and there is a national standard,diploma desinged to keep open as many doors as possible.five core skills six optional modules.reporting exam plus muti media portfolio.essential public affairs-central and local government law,shorthand 100 wpm plus identifying a key quote

3.10 new diplioma balanced.not just about qualifications..good training and ideas vital.lotsw of pathways to industry.committed to dleivering industry standard

312.Marie Kinsey BCTJ only good journalists not bad journalists.journalists of future able to create the world.

3.20 professor stephen heppell of bournemouth presenting from an models of the media.

3.26 students want to learn.they get learning,you get survival,

3.28 twitter questions ‘too many journalism courses;joanne b newspapers recruitment halved in last ten years ,was an over demand now an oversupply.skills in nctj courses applicable to other jobs.

marie kinsey-tried to visit courses see if delivering right mixture of  skills,industry needs to inform itself where excellence exists

3.31 diversitykinsey-how earn a living in journalism,place where yougn journalists can find way of communicating.need to be clever and innovative

3.35 all questions from twitter,none from live audience.tehn nctj award winners for this year..


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