09.40 .Fundamental issue of journalists eamisl not being available.Miek Ironsdie National Readership survey.Almost impossible to measure  audience.Shows film on NRS-260 titles audited.Randaom samples each and every day.Weighted to reflect population.Double screen computer used with respondents,36,000 interviews each yearAverage issue reader £25 shopping voucher given in london only…

09.50 NRS man rather dull.Full of confidence on how papers are doing.Is he reading the same stats as me?This whole conference built on the prmise of GOOD news re paper

09.55Mike Ironside move unread parts of newspaper to website.Ony important for the Sun.Editorial and advertising arms need to talk to each other

09.56 Prof Stewart Purvis Seven hours a day spent consuming media and communcation activities.Half the working day.Media mult tasking and more likely if on screen.’Front line convergence on the move’. YOUVIEW will need set top box and powere,aerial and broadband

10.00 Bundling of services gone from a quarter to a half in five years.Big picture Youview camp mostly  free,Paywalls aroudn Sky

10.02 BBC will have to be in both camps.Youview customised application..bundles sell because people see them as value for money

Oh my god moment -able to view a programme in the past.TV and IPTV.Search engine and applications.Local TV  debate..Citry drilled down to the detail.Peopel wanted channel but not TV channel.X Factor sng off last ,twitter.EU seeking to regualte new platforms

10.05Purvis Content.Bundle without Premiership football?Local newspaper part of bundle?Long Island bundeld newspaper and cable station online.Not a huge success

10.06 Local ownership.Purvis INFC-never met a single local newspaper owner who wanted to local radio station owner or vice versa.No great seeking tobe corss medai locally

10.09 Chisholm I pad readers read newspapers for six times as long as those on computer,Ipad owners more likelyto want to subscribe.Amazon -if book available electronically that sttracts one in three sales

10.12 David Seymour formerly Mirro question on more journalists,more success for newspaper.Biggest cost saving stop printing newspapers.’give everybody a kindle’.Mike Ironside Ipad figures apply to early adopters.No of journos and circulation-stats from benchmarking study.Perception of readers of quality of journalism in south carolina study

10.17 editor worcester news..are we confusing views and readers.Purvis unbelievable peaks  esp for stories about Britney Sparks>most of internet audience for papers ‘of no interest to anyone’.NRS gets lots of hits thinking it is the NHS.Coatbridgers law -date never correct but equally incorrect for everyone.NRS ‘respected round the world’

10.23Editor Oldham Evening Chronicle ‘sick of giving our local news away’.Purvis =johnsone press had talks about paywalls.STV-national,regional and local provision.No one has a complete monopoly in a town

10.26 How much people prepared to pay for bundle.People only pay for three fs football ,finance and..pornography.Chisholm

10.29 Times paywall dead in water?Will not succeed.Too many alternatives available.Job and cars advertising dead in local arena.Geniune worry about how news will survive..

10.30 has this discussion really come to any conclusions??

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