Cov Uni Joins the NUS Demonstration to Save British Education

Over 300 Coventry University staff and students will be travelling down to London on Wednesday 10 November to show their anger at education cuts and the tripling of tuition fees.

The Student’s Union has booked six coaches for the National Union of Students’ ‘fund our future’ demonstration in front of the parliament, to show concern over tuition fees hiking up, to as much as £9,000 to substitute for the 40 per cent teaching funding cuts. 

Interest in the demonstration has surged amongst Coventry students ever since proposals made by Lord Browne’s report of raising tuition fees from the current £3,290 cap. Around 20,000 students from 88 universities are expected to take part. Writes Adam Manning…

“We originally only had three coaches booked and had only sold about a coach and a half worth of tickets before the Browne Review came out” revealed Student’s Union Vice-President of Welfare Liah McCallam.

McCallam also said that there was a general feeling of anger amongst a contingent of university students who want answers, as to why students of the future should suffer.

The new tuition fees won’t take effect until September 2012, so it really is a case of the students of today representing the students of tomorrow.

In an email sent to Coventry staff and students reacting to Lord Browne’s review, the university raised concerns over the suggestion of removing government funding but only allowing a £6,000 tuition fee. This is because it costs £7,000 to teach each student, and would therefore leave a £1,000 deficit per student.

Now with the confirmed removal of some teaching funding from the government, the sums indicate that Coventry University will have to charge around £7,000 to make up for their loss of government funding.

“Lots of them are kicking up a fuss” admitted McCallam. “Students are passionate about this issue as the Browne Review was released a few weeks ago, and there’s been a lot of coverage in the news recently, so they’re quite angry about what’s going to be happening. Especially about the standard of education they’re going to receive.

“They want answers and want to know why they’re going to be affected and why isn’t there an alternative to this issue? Students want the government to hear their voices and be a part of that voice. It’s going to be massive.”

 Listen here as Liah MacCallam explains what will be happening down in London. 

For more information on the demonstration, visit .


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