Get Published with CUEAFS

The Coventry East Asian Film Society is looking for writers. The society is putting together an online and printed platform and is looking for responsible people who want to write on a regular basis and reflect the events that happen within the society.

This is a serious position as it is bound with professional experience this year, so you might even get something out of it.

The CUEAFS will be producing a two-page spread fortnight issue relating not only to Asian film, but also to Asian culture, etc (if you happen to see a related event or you have reflections in that area, they will be more than welcome as well). Everything will be produced for people outside of the university mainly – the society has quite a few of them looking in on their activities. They also have two online partners who are interested in publishing the material on their websites. Writes Antoniya Petkova

If you are interested, contact as soon as possible, as all candidates will be required to write a film review on the film that will be screened on Wednesday at 2pm in ETG34. Even if you don’t want to officially join the society, you could still be a part of the team of writers, although participating will give you a lot of great opportunities, like coverage of film festivals with interviews of directors, producers, media panels with an official press pass, publishing work on external platforms and much more.

Check the society’s written and video material on and


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