Bulgarian Ensemble- Join the Dance

A one of its kind dance society has been established for the first time in Coventry University. The Bulgarian folklore ensemble is a completely different activity from studying and any other sport.

Dancing distracts people from their everyday life that way turning into an activity helpful as every other sport.

Bulgarian dancer, Alexander Borisov who has been dancing professionally for 13 years will be the mentor of the ensemble, alongside other experienced dancers.

 “It’s a style of living where the dancer gets organized, meet new friends. Leadership as a skill is easily developed in most of the members because they have to be initiative and creative”, commented Borisov on why students should sign up. Writes Radina Choleva…

The ensemble’s goal for this year will be to start and cover all the basics movements of Bulgarian folklore and combine them later on into a dance composition, which may lead the group of students to an international festival where they can show their talent. Borisov explained:  “we have started from zero. On each session we do a recap of the previous one”.

Annabella Wu, Fine Art student at Coventry University, expressed her opinion on why people should join: ‘’ It’s really fun and it’s healthy for you. And you don’t have to be professional to do it’’. Zhen Chang Miow (Mechanical Engineering student) added:  “It’s a good experience and fun to meet new people”.

Sessions will be held on Tuesday at 9pm – 10pm and on Sunday between 8pm and 9.30pm at the Sports Hall, Students Union.

Membership is £10, but for those who do not want to feel obligated to attend each session and just wants to give it try, it’s a £1 per class.


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One response to “Bulgarian Ensemble- Join the Dance

  1. Alexander Borisov

    Firstly, thanks so much for the great article. I hope that more people will join us in the forthcoming weeks. I do encourage everybody to take part, it doesn’t matter to what extend you can dance or not. In the end I am sure that all members will dare to confess that it’s something extraordinary.

    You’re welcome!!!

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