CUEAFS Is Back and Better Than Ever

This year the Coventry University East Asian Film Society has big plans. New members, new guest speakers and an amazing film for an opening screening have already set things in the right direction.

This Wednesday, a ‘big fish’ within the realm of Asian cinema, Mr. Jasper Sharp, will be doing a talk on Japanese cinema. Later on, the society will be screening the recently released ‘Big Tits Zombie’ in 3D, followed by a Halloween fancy dress party in ‘Inspire’. And this is only the beginning.

Later on this year, CUEAFS will be covering the whole ten day Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy and the Terracotta Film Festival in London. Along with that, CUEAFS has quite a few projects lined up together with internal professional experience opportunities. Writes Antoniya Petkova…

Big part of the society’s work is not only pure entertainment, but also getting the attention and respect of the professionals in the field. For instance last year, when the society travelled down to London for the premiere of ‘Kakera – A Piece Of Our Lives’, where they interviewed director Momoko Ando and their participation in the Q&A session was included in the original DVD extras.

At the end of April, the society covered the second part of the Far East Film Festival, where with an official media pass they did interviews, media panels and collaborated with an external webspace to produce material. In May, CUEAFS was a part of the Terracotta Film Festival, where they were again treated as professionals and did amazing work.

If you are interested in producing written or visual material and being treated as a professional by professionals in the field, join CUEAFS.

Link to the Facebook group or join officially at and check out CUEAFS’s work at and the official website


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