Attend the NUS Demonstration – Leaked Email Reveals £4.2 Billion University Cuts.

Further details reveal £4.2 billion cuts to university education are likely on 20 October - days before the NUS protest for fairer funding.

Coventry University Students’ Union is offering subsidized travel down to London for the National Union of Students “Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts” demonstration on 10 November amid intense speculation of £4.2 billion cuts.

Interest is expected to surge in the demonstration after the BBC obtained a leaked email from UK Universities head Professor Steve Smith to fellow Vice Chancellors confirming damning aspects of Lord Browne’s recent proposals for a free market in tuition fees, higher interest rates and removal of funding teaching costs.

Smith alleged that £4.2 billion of cuts will be made – £3.2 billion will be axed from teaching and £1 billion from research activities. He added that the figures “confirm our worst fears” from the recent Browne Report, as speculation are rife ahead of George Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review on 20 October.

CUSU is hoping to take at least 200 students to central London on coaches for as little as £5 for the whole day from their Priory Street headquarters.

CUSU president said that Coventry will be making itself heard outside parliament alongside the other 88 English universities. Writes Adam Manning…

“We’ll be there all day and we’ll be marching on parliament with every other university in the country. The NUS has organised the march – they’ll be doing the behind the scenes work and meeting with various MPs while we’re outside shouting and letting them know that we really care about this.”

“We’re looking to send as many students as possible down to London for a cost of £5 to help subsidize the coaches, and there will be a free lunch with that.”

 To get involved in the demonstration, email Liah McCallam on – £5 can be paid to the SU reception.


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