Coventry University Lecturer Raises £2,000 Cycling 1,000 Miles


Ian McLean (left) before he sets out on his 1,011 mile bike ride.


A Coventry University lecturer raised over £2,000 for charity last summer after cycling more than a thousand miles from Lands End to John O’Groats.

It took human resources management lecturer Ian McLean 19 days to complete the trip up the Western side of the United Kingdom at a daily pace of 50 miles for the charity Cerebral Palsy Sport. Writes Adam Manning…

The adventurous 62-year-old said: “I’ve got this list of a hundred things to do before I die and I think there are 99 of them left now; and this was one that I really wanted to do. It caught my imagination and I’d heard of one or two other people around my age having a go at it and I thought ‘if I don’t go for it now I might get too old for it.’”

“The impetus was very much about doing the ride, but once I’d set myself that goal I wanted to raise some money for charity whilst doing it” he added.

Nottingham-based charity Cerebral Palsy Sport helps people with the brain condition to achieve their sporting potential from grass roots level all the way up to the Paralympics, and was selected as the chosen charity as Ian’s daughter is their fundraising manager.

Ian’s journey was originally meant to be 875 miles in the 27 days that he was away from his Stratford home in August, yet a few off-course visits midway through his journey came at an extra cost of 135 miles.

“The whole journey was 1,011 miles” he revealed. “The shortest route is 874 miles which is up to Bristol and alongside the Welsh border, then to Liverpool, the Lake District and on to Glasgow. But because CP Sport is based in Nottingham and I live in Stratford when I wanted to come through Coventry as well, I ended up swinging out a lot to the east.”

Listen: McLean’s tips on cycling challenges & how he received 154 bottles of free ale!

McLean said some of the spontaneous generosity given his way, which included three spare tires from a Nottingham shop and a £10 note from another in Long Framlington, was the main highlight of his journey.

“The parts that stood out more than anything for me were some of the human contacts I made and the kind things that people did on the way.”

“I was helped along in the early stages because for the first seven days, including the day I rode through Coventry, I did have people to ride with me for parts of the day. It just got a little bit boring towards the end, especially when you’ve been on the bike for 50 or 60 miles and haven’t had much contact with people.”

£2,100 has been raised so far – if you haven’t already sponsored Ian then you still can until the end of November. Just go to .


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