Poetry is Dead. Long Live Poetry.

A small group of dedicated poets and some other guests gathered to celebrate National Poetry Day in the evening of October 7 in the much familiar to media students Ellen Terry building.

The event was the result of the initiative and motivation of some of the members of the Coventry Live Poets society. With the help of Shelly Stevenson, who was the University’s host of the event, the poets found a great place for their special day.

“I did enjoy the event primarily because it was a really good venue – in some ways the best we’ve had”, said Mr. Fred Holland, one of the founders of Coventry Live Poets. “The ideal size, the high ceiling and the two pianos gave it both space and intimacy, indeed elegance. Shelly was a warm and welcoming host.” Writes Antoniya Petkova…

A big treat for both society members and external guests was the Irish poet Katherine Brogan, who is set on becoming a serious performing artist. Her act was passionate, articulate and intriguing and it was one of the highlights of the evening. Members of the society also presented their creative pieces and showed off their performance skills.

Although the event clashed with the opening of the Street Arts Festival in the Herbert Art Gallery, members of the society were pleased with the turnout, which in the words of one of the members, Merle Gering, was “too small, but of very good quality”.

The Coventry Live Poets society meets every first and third Wednesday of the month at the Council House at 7.30pm and membership is free. IF you are writing, reading or just like the company of creative people, get your poetry shoes and just ask at the door for the poets –you will not regret it.


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