BBC News Online – Beyond the Cyber Frontiers

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Pete Clifton

BBC’s Multimedia Head of Editorial Development, Peter Clifton, gave a sneak preview of some of the new design developments on the News Online platform at last Thursday’s Coventry Conversation.

Clifton’s presentation picked up on a few topics which has been their recent focus subject matters, outlining the distinctiveness of the BBC and why it “justifies in doing the things that it does online.”

In terms of innovations and places worth going, Clifton spoke about some of their latest projects, such as  Democracy Live, where people can search and follow their MP representative at any time “giving a direct route in what they do that way making it more relevant to people” writes Radina Choleva…

He continued by saying that although the News website currently has 10 million unique users a week, he has started to see real increase in the use of mobile platforms. A big part of their strategy in the next three years will be to provide more applications for iPod and iPhone users, where they can run a video of a story and read it.

Clifton outlined that another goal he has in mind will be to provide the public with information based on location: “If you get more and more mobile devices that know where they are we can start to inelegantly send information to that phone based on where they are”. Despite the risk of facing data protection issues, he explained: “we’ll give people the option; if people want to tell us where their postcode is and confirm that postcode to us, we’ll give them local stuff. We don’t want to impose on anything to keep that data.”

 Regarding what the public can expect in the following years, Clifton stated:     “Everything we are doing now is focused on 2012. It will be the biggest event that the BBC will cover in the year as a whole. Every minute of the coverage of the Olympics will go out live; there are 6000 hours of events of the Olympics and the BBC will make all of them available”.


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