Foundation & Fine Art Degree Show 2010 Gallery

THE 2010 Coventry School of Art & Design degree show opened it’s doors to students’ friends and family on Saturday, where we got to have a look at what final year art and design students have spent much of their final year working on.

In the first of CUtoday’s degree show coverage we attempt to translate some of the artsy jargon and take an in-depth look into some of the pieces and some of the artists on show in Coventry University’s Graham Sutherland building.

At the beginning of last week the corridors of Graham Sutherland were lined with final year projects ready to be marked, abandoned by all but a few students. However on Saturday, although not exactly busy, the rooms were alive with the mutterings of quite bemused, surprisingly critical but all in all proud parents.

The gallery above highlights some of the striking pieces at this years event including the sculpture of a pregnant lady by Donna Wilkins, ‘Direction’ by Sarah Illsley inspired by the London Underground map and ”Various found or unused materials’ by Claire Tonks, a piece born out of a lost relationship and subsequently the attempt to rebuild the broken person left over.

However these display just a small selection of the works on show, check the CUtoday website regularly for more about the foundation and fine art pieces on display, including student profiles and the first impressions of this years industrial design degree show.


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  1. Looks like it was a great art show!

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