Jon Snow’s election: The Winners and the Losers

BETWEEN THE unsociable student hours of 9am and 10am Channel 4 news front man Jon Snow repeated many of the talking point of his previous Coventry University lecture last year and a few news ones, predominantly discussing TV’s domination of the 2010 UK General election.

Thursday mornings coventry conversation was initially reminiscent of Snow’s lecture the ‘Best and Worst of Times’ given last October, where Snow gave his inaugural lecture as a visiting professor at Coventry University, discussing how changing technology has changed the way news is made and changes that are not necessarily for the better but on subjects such as the Prime Ministerial debates and the General Election coverage the conversation came alive.

The conversation gained momentum on the issue of the General election and particularly throughout the conversation as Snow jokingly commenting about John Mair’s interviewing technique, attempting to lure him into potentially dangerous ‘honey pots’. Snow described the moment of Browns resignation as: “complete magic” going on to give an account of what seemed to be his favourite moment of the evening:

“At 18 minutes past seven the car comes out and we’ve have no idea where the things going and normally the great thing about anchoring any programme is that you’ve got this thing (pulling out his ear piece) the life line the umbilical chord to the producer and they’re saying “Jon he’s going to the palace” but they didn’t though that I was hearing nothing silence

“I suddenly realised I was on a one to one adventure with the viewer, I and the viewer were equally ignorant about what was going to go on it was a sublime moment of total equality when we were both peering at this helicopter image and the car was turning right and turning left.”

Discussing other elements of the election coverage Snow praised Channel 4 News, saying: ‘We spent 90 minutes exploring what the politicians are not telling us’. Then when questioned about Channel 4’s comedy election night coverage’s success and what it says about the British public, Snow said: “It tells you that people are real who necessarily wants to watch drab results with people as old as the ark coming out and saying bark bark.”

When asked about the biggest winners and losers at this years election and debate coverage, Snow said: “The tabloid press had a terrible terrible election they got it seriously wrong Murdoch was beaten, in a fantastic moment in history Murdoch, decided to try and elect David Cameron the Sun went out to bat for him”, suggesting that for the first time in many years a media mogul hasn’t played a significant role in electing the British Prime Minister. The next topic also concerned someone who hasn’t come out particularly well over the last few weeks, Snow was asked whether he thought Adam Boulton should have lost it with Alistair Campbell live on Sky News, to which he replied:

“It’s no good asking should anybody have lost anything, he lost it, so what, good God the world would be duller place if people didn’t lose it… what’s misconduct, if he’s guilty of it I’ll have to go to the hang mans noose.”

Photographs courtesy of Dean O’Brien


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