Directing the general election night


THE BBC general election director, Rob Hopkin, is to give lowdown on the big night, today, on campus, as part of the Coventry Conversation series.

As political party leaders are still meeting to discuss and agree on further alliances or to resign from various positions, the one man who directed over 12 hours of non-stop action on-screen in order to deliver the BBC General Election Night programme, will be meeting Coventry students and academics alike to share his experience of the night and his views on the current state the country finds itself in.

His job is the ultimate challenge for any TV producer or director as results are coming in fast and furious and as stories galore, the programme is technically one of the most complicated programmes undertaken by the BBC. “Studio directors who can rise to this challenge are few and far between,” argues John Mair. “Rob Hopkin has done four so far. He will be sharing some of his experiences and explain how he remains calm and measured under the great stress that is the election night… and hopefully he will come armed with plenty of anecdotes.”

“That election on screen” takes place on Tuesday 18 May at 1pm in Coventry University’s Ellen Terry Building, room ETG34.  Entry is free and open to all.


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  1. Hi
    Any chance you’ll webcasting this event. Or posting a podcast afterwards. I’d love to hear what Rob has to say.


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