Coventry welcomes Yoga

COVENTRY UNIVERSITY will be welcoming another Chinese student from ZUMC this year. Currently in her third year, Jīa Yu, or ‘Yoga’ as she is known in English, will be making the move to the university to study Graphic Design and Illustration,  writes Alex Kersten.After a visit to Coventry in February, she said that ‘the experience was completely different than mixing with Chinese friends’ and that ‘Coventry is a good place for history and culture.’

Yoga currently learns English outside of the university although her language already enables her to use her whit and charm to her advantage. When asked what it was about England she likes so much, she was quick to state that English boys were top of the list as well as the chance to integrate herself in the English culture. Independent Yoga is determined to make the most of the year abroad and has high hopes of being able to study at Masters level in the future.

With 2,000 international students, of which approximately 400 are Chinese, Yoga will be in good company although she was keen to add that her priority was to make friends with English students.


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