Taking It Brick By Brick

LIN DIDN’T close her eyes last night, because she was busy working on her model house until the break of dawn. What she wants to make is a 1:30 model of traditional Chinese architecture, which features the early house style of An Hui province.

Now she is piling up small cuboids one by one – the beginning of what will be a prolonged job. “I will need at least 10,000 of these small gypsum-made cuboids to finish it,” Lin said.

Lin, a student from ZUMC’s school of animation comes from the An Hui province in China. As a result, she wants to give people a better understanding of the appearance of the houses in her hometown, writes Li Li.“I will put more emphasis on the outline and make little changes according to my understanding and imagination.”

Lin has already been working on it for about half a month and she will need another two weeks to finish it. Maybe piling up each cube is a little boring? Lin doesn’t think so. She showed great enthusiasm for her job and works on average nearly 14 hours a day. Lin will be doing her job at the back of our classroom. So ,if you are interested, just go and check it out!


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