Quake devastation sends tremors through Qinghai

Image Credit: Sarah Hills

24 HOURS after the 7.1 magnitude quake hit the Qinghai province of China (above), reports suggest that over 600 people have died and around 10,000 injured. With over 300 people still unaccounted for, the death toll is expected to rise with every hour that people remain missing, writes Alex Kersten.

Shāng Wérbin, from the provincial capital, Xining, describes how his friend’s father is still missing: “The father of my friend works in the centre of Yù Shù, which is where the earthquake hit.  Nobody has been able to contact him and we are all very worried.”

This morning saw eight students freed from rubble in a local school, although 200 still remain trapped. Teachers and volunteers have been working tirelessly to save as many lives as possible.

With the clock ticking and food and water in short supply, aid has been drafted in from around the local area and beyond to help in the search for life. Around one thousand volunteers have been sent from the Hangzhou province alone, with more ready to help wherever possible.

A prayer will be held today at 6pm in the province capital, with around 10,000 people expected to show their support.


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