BBC News Online founder to give masterclass to students

FOUNDER AND editor-in-chief of BBC News Online Mike Smartt OBE will be giving a masterclass for Coventry University students on the world of online journalism before becoming the next big name in the world of the media to speak at Coventry Conversations.

In his time as editor-in-chief of BBC News Online Smartt won all four interactive news BAFTA awards and a handful of global online news prizes. Despite it’s success the format had some doubters, in the early days Smartt’s friend, World Affairs Editor John Simpson, who wished him luck but said it sounded “quite nerdy”.

The site has become a significant part of the BBC’s output however due to competition and political pressures, BBC’s online presence will be halved in size over the next three years, and having been their at the start in 1997 Smartt will be giving his take on the current state of online news.

With over 20 years experience as a BBC television correspondent Smartt will be sharing his pearls of wisdom with students hoping for a career in the media and will be reflecting on his own career later in the day at Coventry Conversations.

Mike Smartt’s master-class is on thursday 11th March at 11am in ETB 06. He will then be speaking at Coventry Conversations at 1pm in room ETG34. Entry is FREE and open to all.


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