Jana Bennett discusses the changing face of the BBC

DIRECTOR OF BBC Vision, Jana Bennett spoke about her vision for the BBC on Friday’s Coventry Conversation.

Whilst studying at the London School of Economics, across the road she knew some students who translated for the BBC World Service and she thought: “I can report on the world better than I can become a scholar about the world.”

Like most practitioners who spoke at the Coventry Conversations what she does now is completely different from what she studied. Writes Natasha De Silva

Talking about joining the BBC she said: “Being able to explore the world on behalf of an audience, to educate, entertain and to inform was something that really stimulated my interest in the BBC.”

Apart of Jana’s job is to support other people’s creativity, bringing new things to the screen and taking risks with creative talent.

A reoccurring topic throughout the conversation was the license fee. She made it clear that the BBC used public spending to bring the best in television for their viewers: “UK is the second media market in the world because of the underpinning of public funding. For Britain to support its creative economy is a very worthwhile intervention.”

Everyone in the room who was interested in becoming ‘Jana Bennett’  was all ears when she gave the audience some valuable advice: “Being interested in the media and enjoying it is important. The other thing is having something to say and knowing about things and being a generalist.”

Jana’s vision for BBC in 5 years is that: “it would be relevant to audiences by being able to bridge the linear world of analogue television and radio and the on demand world of web. And find new sources of creativity on the web by letting producers and the public invent new types of creativity which we haven’t seen before.”

By Natasha De Silva


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